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Welcome to FishyBites!

This is a site where you can both learn about Southern Hemisphere lampreys and learn about the ways YOU can help them!


Photo: Ryan Easton

What are Southern Hemisphere lampreys?


Southern Hemisphere lampreys are fishes that look similar to eels but have some differences. For example, lampreys lack a jaw.

Learn all about these mysterious fish species here!

What Bit me!?


Have you found a strange bite mark on a fish or other marine mammal that looks something like this?...


Then please report it! 

It might be a lamprey bite and scientists would like to see/hear about it!


(see below for more details)

Who else has been bitten?


Find out more about the project and who else has been bitten.

Log the bite!


Please log your fishy bite here.


1.The bite needs to be on an animal found in the Southern Hemisphere.

2. The size of the bite can not be bigger than a golf ball.

The culprit

Find out who might be behind all these tiny attacks.

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